Stumbling Towards Grace

It's only through risking getting it wrong that we get it right.

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I have a question that you don’t have the answer to.

DC has a pair of Supermen who are Black in their established universes, Calvin Ellis and Val-Zod. The former was created by iconic writer Grant Morrison and is a major part of his Multiversity mini-series while the latter is the new face of Earth 2 and headlining that book and an upcoming miniseries.

And yet, the comic media hasn’t made a big to-do about these two characters the way they have for Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the Marvel Ultimate universe. 

Is it because Miles took over a fan-favorite role? It can’t be because Calvin and Val-Zod are in alternate universes (again, Miles is still limited to the Ultimate Universe). 

It’s just weird seeing two versions of one of comic’s biggest icon not getting much shine. It’s DC’s fault. They don’t care about Superman.

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O sir, you were so beautiful as a woman. You were so beautiful as a song. You are so ugly as a god.
Leonard Cohen, “The Change”, Death of a Lady’s Man (via bigradinmonster)